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Hope And Dreams Music

Recent statistics show that one of the age groups in which the suicide rate is rising is adolescents.

In my experience, this statistic is the direct result of a lack of hope.

One of the things I have teenagers do when they come in for their second session with me is to bring in some of the music they are listening to.

While this is a nice way to connect with a kid and to keep up with current music, those things are not the main intent.

My main purpose I want to hear what is influencing them, what they are blasting into their brains all day long. Just in case you are one of those folks that do not believe that music can have an influence on teens, I have two tips for you:

1. You are wrong, and

2. Remember how much it influenced you?

Sometimes what I will hear is music and lyrics witih absolutely no hope. Everything sucks, nothing matters, life hurts, whatever.

When I hear music like this, I put out a challenge to my teenage client:

Show me just one place, just one lyric in this stuff where there is any hope, and I will never bug you about your music again. Most of them cannot do it with some of the music.

KIds gotta have hope - hope for tomorrow, hope for the future, hope that things will get better.

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