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Free Drum Music Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

A drum set is a collection of drums that are played in sync to achieve melodious tunes. A drum set consists of drums and cymbals. They are arranged in a manner that is convenient for a drummer to play. Drums are percussion instruments that can be used for different genres of music like jazz, rock, pop and other types of modern day music.

Those new to drumming usually begin with what is called a starter drum set. This set is basic and easy to maintain. Parents like the idea of a starter drum set because it allows them to see just how much interest their child has in learning to drum without spending a ton of money. They like the idea that there are reasonably priced starter kits available. The beginner drum kits can be purchased for under $300. They are priced right for a beginner and offer the same equipment that one would find in a professional set.

Like professional drum sets, a starter set consists of a bass drum, a snare drum on a tripod, a small cymbal and other small percussion instruments. A starter drum kit may include what is known as a kick drum. These drums are played with the help of drum sticks or brushes usually made of plastic. In professional drum sets, wooden drum sticks are usually preferred.

Starter drum kits are designed for children up to the age of 12. They have shells that are made of multi-ply hardwoods and are available in an assortment of colors. The drum settings can usually be altered to facilitate different sounds. They are sold with stands that are usually double braced, making them sturdy. A starter drum kit is the best tool to gauge whether the player is serious about his music or not.

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