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Will Kelly Slater Go Gor Ten

Kelly Slater, current eight time world surfing champion took third place in the first event of the 2007 surfing season. Does that mean he will go for his ninth world championship crown and then, if he wins, maybe for his tenth? After the first event of the year it is still impossible to say.

So, will Kelly surf the whole tour and try to win an unbelievable ninth world title? Kelly explained: “This year I'll just take whatever approach seems to make most sense to be relaxed and not worry about results so I'll be able to perform in the most free way.” But this is exactly how the last years tour begun. Kelly was not sure if he will compete on the tour. He did very well on his first match of the year when he won over Taj Burrow in then also won the final of last years Quiksilver Pro. Good result kick started Kelly's most consistent year ever. Last year his worst result was fifth place and he won his eighth world crown with two events remaining on the 2006 calendar.

He later explained: “I was just relaxed. When you don't expect anything, good things happen. When you expect to win something, there's no upside. It all just came together.” Third place in the first event is just about somewhere in the middle of doing good and bad by Kellys standards of course. Maybe this is just the thing to get his fire burning. So what will Kelly Slater do? Let's wait and see.

Mick runs a Kelly Slater fan site with lots of news in the best surfer of all times - his biography, gallery and more.