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Health, it is rightly said, is wealth. Without good or optimal health, there is little we can do in life and career. Health has been connected to astrology for a long time. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said: “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

In olden times, the first thing a doctor did was draw up his patients’ astrological charts. Doctors don’t do this any more. Still, one can use astrology to find out how we can stay healthy and also achieve a sense of balance in life and wellbeing.

It is, therefore, no surprise that there is a new, growing field of “medical astrology,” which some physicians have also begun to use. This form of astrology helps you find out what may not be discovered through general medical tests. Medical astrology also gives basic information about your metabolism, the types of foods that may agree or not agree with you, and also what needs to be monitored for you to maintain good health and energy levels.

It goes without saying that the connections between your star sign and parts of the body are part of the Cosmos. This is reflected in the human body. For example, all the zodiac signs — not necessarily the Sun sign you are born under — are mirrored in your birth chart. They have a definite bearing on your health and well-being. A case in point: Capricorn represents the teeth, bones, joints, and the knees. It is, therefore, indicative that if you are a Capricornian, you’d do well by eating a lot of proteins and calcium.

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