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Video Game Testing - What Is Video Game Testing And How Much Can You Really Make?

So you're interesting in video game testing? You want to live the life of dreams where you sit at home, relax and play video games all day long for tons of cash (We're talking around $80 an hour)? Well, some people live that dream, and it is not that hard to accomplish.

However, you should first be aware that video game testing is not all fun. There are times where you'll have to try things over and over until they work. For the most part, though, it is about playing brand new games before anyone gets their hands on them!

Before you get all excited, there are some qualifications that you must meet before you even consider becoming a video game tester.

1) You must have a passion for gaming. You must love to game. If you play occasionally as nothing more than a time waster, without really caring about winning, than game testing may not be for you. However, if you love to absolutely beat that new game, than game testing may be perfect for you!

2) You should play competitively. If you only play single player games, and never venture into the competitive side of things, than you can be useful, but the players who have a competitive spirit and love to destroy humans in the game, will in most cases get more opportunities.

3) You should be up-to-date on technology and gaming information. If you still think the hot system is Nintendo 64, than being a gaming tester is probably not for you. You should know the newest systems and what some of the hot games are.

4) You should be able to fill out questionaires about the games you play. Example: How easy was the menu screen to navigate? What was your favorite part of the single-player mode? Is there a feature that you feel is missing? Etc.

...and that's it!

If you still think you are up to get paid up to $80 an hour, than being a video game testing may be the perfect job for you!

And it's not a pipe dream either. You can do it if you take action!

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