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.the Real Thing.. Not My Dreams Music Lyrics

How would you like to come the next big thing in Hip Hop?

Well when writing Hip Hop or rap music, rhyming plays the biggest part compared to the likes of pop, rock, country music. But writing the lyrics to Hip Hop is still as difficult as writing music in any other genre, but all the advice you find on the Internet can be helpful, whatever the genre. The advice about writing from a title, staying focused by answering the questions suggested by the title and using lists of related and opposite words all apply. The original rhymes are up to you!

First of all, before writing your lyrics your going to need beats to write to. If you don't have any beats, see below at the end of the article. When you have your beats and have found one you like, all you need is your computer with speakers, play the beat and start writing your lyrics, this may take you a few weeks to have something decent.

I also recommend purchasing a sequencing program, these programs are in expensive, and I have even seen these sequencing programs for free. Once you have one of these programs, you will need to ute everything but the percussion parts and use this as your rhythm track to write to.

So now you have an idea of how to write Hip Hop lyrics, all you need now is some beats. You can get some awesome beats from HIP HOP LYRICS AND BEATS, al thought you have to pay for membership, it's well worth it with over 100,000 hip hop beats to download. Also includes some free samples.

Good luck!

Tom Dean