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The Dream Videos

Today scary ghost videos have become a dime a dozen, with the advances in technology that make it easy for the average person to be able to buy software to edit a video to turn a seemingly mundane scene into a scary ghost video. Some scary ghost videos are disturbing and, depending on your beliefs, can range from very frightening to laughable. Many videos claiming to be real scary ghost videos are obviously doctored using special effects and others are so subtle and well done you really can believe they are actual scary ghost videos. With video mainly digital now, authenticating scary ghost videos is almost impossible using the old technique of checking the actual film for spliced or painted frames.

There are several shows that deal in ghosts and scary ghost videos. Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel features a team of ghost hunters recording in a supposed haunted place and they sometimes capture scary ghost videos. Another show that features scary ghost videos is Haunted Travels on the Travel Channel. Haunted Travels explores all the supposed haunted places and sometimes are lucky to obtain scary ghost videos of the location that they are featuring. There are also many websites on the internet that feature scary ghost videos.

When looking for scary ghost videos on the internet, be careful, there are several that tell you to pay close attention to the screen and to turn your volume up and then as you are staring at the screen a scary face with pop on screen and yell, scaring you. There are some legitimately scary ghost videos on the web and whether or not they scare you is only a matter of whether you believe in ghosts. Even if you do not believe in the undead, it can be fun to watch scary ghost videos simply to enjoy the artistry (or lack thereof) of some of the scary ghost videos available on the internet.

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