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The main reason why Russian women want to marry Western men is because they want to have a family and they have not found a suitable mate in their own country.

Russian women are motivated to get and stay married. However, there is a considerable amount of adjustment that must take place to make the marriage work.

You will have to overcome cultural differences, language problems, and other types of misunderstandings. You will need to be patient.

In addition, usually marriages between Russian women and Western men are marriages between two people who hardly know each other.

There is an old saying: Women marry men hoping they will change, while men marry women hoping they won’t. Usually, they are both disappointed.

This is not a situation unique to Russian women – it seems to be universal to all women. There will be friction. Mainly, because your wife will slowly try to change you. And you, of course, will resist changing.

Russian women usually try to take charge of the house and the family. They see this as their responsibility. This is because most Russian women in fact are the head of the household in Russia.

Many Russian men either were not present in the home or they neglected their family responsibilities in favor of the pursuit of pleasure.

You will be shocked when the demure little sex kitten you met in Kiev starts to show her claws after you are married.

You think she has changed and you don’t like it. You may wonder where that cute little girl that you first met has gone to. Well, that cute little girl is now a wife and she takes her responsibilities as a wife seriously.

She begins to do what she has seen all Russian women doing since she was a little girl – taking care of their families the only way they know how – by taking charge.

And changing you to fit into family life is part of the process. You will not be successful by digging in your heels and refusing to change. This is going to be your greatest challenge. Deciding where to change and when to stand your ground.

John has been successfully married to a Belarussian wife for over five years. He has traveled extensively through Russia and other CIS countries. He will tell you why you should consider Russian women, how to meet them, how to bring your special woman home, and how to survive married life.