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The Dream Dirt Racing Video

Many drivers and teams often switch from their current form of racing to some other form in order to change the venue. The transition from Asphalt Racing to Dirt Track Racing is considered to be the most common one.

However, these two forms are quite different. The choice of tires in the two types is entirely different.

As far as Asphalt Racing is concerned, most of the teams running on asphalt tracks use the same mandated tire for the entire event. It is only the air pressure and the stagger that needs to be adjusted.

However, this is not the case with Dirt Track Racing. The story is entirely different and more complex for dirt racing.

In dirt track racing, there are several tread and compound designs to choose from. The teams also have a choice to alter the tread pattern by cutting out blocks of rubber. This helps to change the grip characteristics and the cooling properties of the tire as well.

On the other hand, on a wet tacky surface, a dirt tire needs large grooves and no small crevices so that the wet material can be shed quickly.

However, more edges are needed to get a grip on the track surface when the track is packed and starts the transition toward slick.

One should know when to make changes and as to what changes need to be made at a given point in time.

To conclude, in dirt track racing, the car will not be able to utilize the positive properties of a good setup if the tires are not right.

Several seasons of hard learning are required before you can accurately guess the needs of your dirt tires!

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