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Song Lyrics About Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been in the headlines a lot lately and it is mostly for bad things, but what no one has really focused on is her new album titled Blackout.

This album seems to be a little autobiographical and even the title seems to point to Britney Spear's problem with drugs and alcohol. If you look at the titles of the songs alone you will get hints to how and what Britney is going through, for example one song is titled "Why Should I Be Sad" this is most likely describing how she feels about her breakup with Kevin.

Take the Lyrics for that song and you definitely know it is about her marriage to Kevin, take these two little bits of lyrics from that Britney song.

"My friends said you would play me

But I just said they're crazy

While I was crying, praying

Was it true?"

"I sent you to Vegas

With a pocket roll of paper

Don't put no ultimatums on you

I thought what could separate us

But it just seemed to break us

Only brought the playa part of you

(Hey baby, what's your name?)

You can't tell me that Britney is not referring to her marriage to Kevin! I think Britney really spills her guts in her song lyrics on this album, and for that reason I think people should forget about all the other nonsense and listen to the song lyrics for what they are. Britney Spears still has a lot to offer the music community and if she manages to stop doing stupid things that take away from her music then people would maybe stop and really listen to her lyrics and what she has to say.

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