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Requiem For A Dream Trumpet Sheet Music

Beatles sheet music has always been available but is rarely represented well due to the intricate production of their recorded music which is rich and timeless... More so in the later years of their recording careers. Most of this production is attributed to George Martin though a lot of input was made from the Beatles themselves.

I personally have spent many years getting lost in the intricate arrangements of some of the songs on the later albums and each time I listen I still manage to hear them in a different way. The albums Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, and Sgt Pepper are amongst those who I feel have on the whole more mature arrangements. The white album is a little different as the work seems to be a conglomeration of compositions of four individuals as opposed to a single group.

There is a lot of other beetles sheet music on the market today and there is no problem in finding arrangements of their songs for all manner of instruments and combinations from guitar to flute, trumpet trombone, sax recorder accordion brass band, wind band full symphonic orchestra etc. The list just goes on and on. Most of the arrangements or transcriptions available leave a lot to the imagination and only cover the basic melody and harmony of each song

I recently came across a wonderful book which contains the scores for most of the beetles songs. The book called Beatles - The complete scores is published by Hal Leonard and is exactly what it says, the complete scores. Each and every Beatles song with a wonderfully transcription of the recorded version of their songs, includes all guitar and vocal parts, bass and drums along with every other instrument used which in some songs is a great amount. This type of score is really interesting if you are like me and simply curious about how these songs are structured or if you need to make an arrangement of a particular song for a group or band.

The most popular form of Beatles sheet music downloaded from the Internet is in TAB format for guitar. This format has become more and more popular over the last few years as more and more guitarists are learning to read music in this form as opposed to the more traditional musical notation.

There is a link to a web site which sell hard copies or downloadable copies of most of the different arrangements of the Beatles sheet music if you are interested.

For a link to the Beatles Complete Scores book mentioned in the article go to