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Pinball Parts

Pinball machines need constant care and maintenance. The damage caused by the speed of the ball, which could be 40 miles per second, could be great. The elements on the playfield are subject to extreme force, which makes repair and replacement a very high expense. This is much higher than that of video games which do not have any moving parts. Little wonder that a lot of arcades are shutting down their pinball section.

What do you do when you need to repair a pinball machine or replace a part? The best thing to do is to subscribe to these two journals: Gameroom Magazine and Pinball Journal. Both of them have a number of ads for repairs and parts. In Florida, Centsible Amusements stock a wide range of plastic sets and game-specific parts. They also have sales on parts. Herb Silver's site sells games, collectibles and spares. Lakeside Distributors from Louisiana has a large range to offer that includes balls, rubber rings, switches, coils, lamps, etc.

Missouri Pinball repairs games as well as sells them and also gives new pinball owners very useful tips. Greg Peck's site also has detailed descriptions and sources. Pinball Heaven, Southport, England supplies new and refurbished pinball spares and supplies. They have a wealth of information on the technical aspects of modern pinball. They can be relied on to ship parts to any part of the world. The Pinball Factory, based in Melbourne, Australia, is responsible for the revival of the game in this century as well as supplies, spares and parts.

Pinball enthusiasts usually prefer carrying out repairs on their machines themselves. Now that a lot of machines have moved out of arcades and into enthusiasts' homes, some have attained "collector item" tags and are looked after with great care. Forums on the Internet abound where people can share their views, ask for advice, and air their opinions about their favorite pastime.

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