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Pinball Games

Since the first pinball game was introduced by Gottlieb in 1947, pinball, though it has had its ups and downs, has survived and grown in the U.S. It is such a simple game, actually. All you have to do is make sure a little silver metal ball stays in play on a slightly tilted planar surface. The player manipulates the ball so that it hits targets and flies through ramps, picking up speed at points along the way with the help of two flippers or levers. All the player needs to do (easier said than done) is to make sure the ball does not fall out at the bottom. Over nearly 60 years, a lot of the pinball machine's looks have changed: flashing lights, great graphics, sound, and music that is upbeat. But the game essentially has remained the same.

After the first game, Humpty Dumpty, many pinball games made their appearance. The first game to use a moving target was Williams' Magic Clock. The first one with a microprocessor was Spirit of 76 in the 1970s. Williams' Black Knight in 1980 was the first one with a two-level playing field. The first one with a song or soundtrack was High Speed in 1986.

Today, there are a host of games to choose from, each one snazzier than the one before. Let's take a look at Loony Labyrinth, where there are two levels of play, the present and the past. It starts in the present and takes you through time, back to 2000 BC. There are various levels of play, and each one tempts the player with its music and design.

Another interesting game is Austin Powers. The layout is a standard pinball machine with laser canon and flippers. Completion of one level leads you on to the next, and each level has its own set of stunning graphics and audio.

Pinball games are great de-stressers. But they could become an addiction, so watch out!

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