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Nokia N93i - Shutterbugs Dream Gadget

Of late, various highly efficient and multimedia enriched phones have created a huge buzz across the ever changing world of mobile phones. If the music phones have been hitting the headlines consistently, camera phones and multimedia phones are also not far behind as all these superb gadgets are in great demand. After making a great start with the Nokia N93, Nokia once again geared up to offer something new and innovative to mobile phone users by offering the Nokia N93i. With superb functionalities and tools, the Nokia N93i has it all, which you can expect from any improved N-series phone. This highly efficient gadget is a superb camera phone and comes with dream features.

If you look at the designing aspect of the Nokia N93i, it is a compact and stylish gadgets. And, you can also call it an impeccable blend of multimedia features and digicam. Thus, with this ultimate gadget, you can shoot high quality videos in MPEG4 format. On the other hand, it is also supported by stereo audio and digital stabilization features all that you can dream of in a consummate camcorder. Well, it's video can capture up to thirty frames per second. Afterwards, you can easily edit and customise your videos with its superb editing features. Furthermore, you can easily share all your videos with world by uploading these video clips in your favourite blog site. On the other hand, this phone also comes with the new Vox feature, which is specifically loaded and it enables you to blog all your videos and photos in the easiest possible way.

As far as camera features of the Nokia N93i is concerned, it boasts of a 3.2 megapixels camera, which is further supported by 3x digital zoom, Carl Zeiss optics, close up mode and Auto focus all those dream camera features, you would surely love to have in your camera phone. Well, you can also increase its memory up to 1GB by using a mini SD card get all the space you want. So, if photography is your hobby or profession and you don't like to carry those heavy digital cameras then the Nokia N93i can be the right option.

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Nokia N93i