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Music Review - Alchemy By Cargo Cult

The compact disc ALCHEMY, by Cargo Cult, is a work of art which soars abovethe world like a Thunderbird, leaving in its wake a literal explosion oforderly and enlivening electronic sound. Like the Thunderbirds of old, themusic of Allan Villhans CARGO CULT creates vivid and enthusiastic emotion,sure to have a positive effect on anyone who comes within hearing range ofit.

This music teaches the soul.

From the first song: Entry, to the last: Wed, and everything in between,your speakers are going to vibrate in ways they never have before! Thelength, breadth, and width of this music is astounding and exceptional,creating an aura of sound that will surround the listener, and, dare we say,enrapture them as well? Alchemy is well named, because if ever there wassuch a thing as Audio Alchemy, this is it.

Some reviewers note the eastern influences evident in the music of CargoCult, but what shines through absolutely is the unfettered and naturaltalent of Allan Vilhan, a self-taught musician and songwriter, originallyfrom Slovakia, now living in London, England.

Mr. Vilhan is only in his early 30's, though he is already an accomplishedand experienced musician. From 1989-1992 Allan was the bass guitarist inthe rock band Stirba, and he also played the keyboard in thealternative-rock band Navara (2000). He began composing his own music in1998, and he performs all instrumentation on his albums, including guitar,bass guitar, keyboards, programming, and vocals. Some collaboration is nowtaking place as new member Keith Gould assists with certain of Cargo Cultsmusic and vocals.

The music of Allan Vilhan has been called many things: Electronica, Dance,Trip-Hop, Ambient: even Beat Driven Pop, whatever that might be....the factof the matter is this: Allan Vilhans' Cargo Cult is a refreshing break fromformula music, with an intricacy all its own. The songs of Cargo Cult,without fail, are Audio Tales, each a unique story and complete work initself. Citing influences as diverse as Primus, Tangerine Dream, DepecheMode, and Sound Garden, Cargo Cult does well in creating its own distinctand interesting sound, within our world of sound.

To begin learning about Cargo Cult, start with Alchemy, and go from there.You will not be disappointed. It will make you want to dance. A greatgift, from a great talent.

Track List

CD -- Alchemy, (ACM Records) by Cargo Cult (2nd Place at Just Plain FolksMusic Awards 2004, in category "Best Electronic Album 2004")

1. Entry
2. Alchemy (6th place in category " Best electronic song 2004" at Just PlainFolks Music Awards 2004.)
3. Dilemma
4. Dirt
5. Our Song
6. Sunday
7. Ramanujan
8. Ambriel
9. Jazzmine
10. Rain
11. Garden
12. Mirrors
13. Matt
14. Ones
15. Wed

My favorites are Entry, Ramanujan, Garden, Alchemy, and Rain, in that order,although this is one of those rare compact discs that allow constant andstraight through listening, many times over. You will hear something newevery time you listen. At least I do.

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