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Music Requium Of A Dream

Katherine Jenkins is an award winning Welsh mezzo-soprano. First British classical artist to have two number one albums in a single year, Katherine is also the first female artist to have received two Classical BRIT Awards consecutively. The 1980 born artist has released four number one albums uptil now and the fifth one Rejoice is slated to be released in November, 2007.

Her singing stint began when she joined a church as a choir girl. She achieved grade 8 distinctions in singing and piano and her music talents continued to progress from there on. As a member of the Royal School of Church Music Cathedral Singers, Katherine achieved the St Cecilia Award, and also became a member of the National Youth Choir of Wales for three years. Prior to being signed by Universal, she even taught music to children.

She signed the largest record deal in the history of UK, reportedly worth 1 million, in 2004 when she was just twenty three years old. Premier was her bebut album and it remained at the top of the classical charts for a period of 8 weeks. Her second album Second Nature made her the first British classical artist to have two number one albums in a single year. The isteners of classic FM voted her second album as the Album of the Year in the Classical Brit Awards 2005. She performed the Home Nations anthem "The Power of Four" and was the first person to do so.

Her appearances before rugby union matches are well known and at present she is the official mascot for the Wales rugby team. Her third album Living A Dream which was released in 2005, and in November 2005 was released her fourth album, Serenade.

Eighty-third richest young person in Britain, Katherine Jenkins is estimated to have sold about 2 million records since her debut in 2004.

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