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Midsummer Nights Dream Playboy Video

Wow, the playboy watch selection at is simply awesome. The Playboy watch range for 2007 contains 45 Playboy watches, yes you heard correctly. 45 Playboy watches. These watches come in various colours, and sizes depending on what kind of watch you are actually looking for. is bored of the stupid prices that certain high street retailers are charging for branded goods. Therefore we will ensure that we sell you each Playboy watch at the cheapest price that you kind find anywhere in Europe... If you find it cheaper we will simply refund the difference. Combined with this Playboy Price promise is the reassurance that we care about customer service, and all our online and telephone representatives have been given a huge amount of training about Playboy products and watches.

Consumers should no longer accept the poor customer service being given on the high street. Recently we entered a well known shop and asked where the Playboy section was, the reply, “Sorry, we don’t sell Playboy, when they did”. If the staff doesn’t even know what brands are being sold then how are they meant to know the key functions of the Playboy watches that they are selling.

Anyway, Playboy is now a huge brand in the uk with a huge following, considering the Playboy Bunny as a sign of Sex appeal, especially among the younger following. . Founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 the Playboy Brand has simply gone from strength to strength. Beautiful film stars and famous models have frequently graced the Playboy front cover. These include Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Sharon stone.

Now, surely a great way to buy into the Playboy brand is by purchasing a Playboy watch from One of the best sellers so far this season is the pink bling Playboy watch. The watch has a leather pink strap with a large round clock face and diamantes along the edge of the dial, also the sparking diamantes spell Playboy across the middle in large letters. This watch is priced at £59.99, but as always we will ensure that we are cheaper than any other retailer. Why not join our database, and enjoy a 20% off discount voucher for joining.

Other great watches in the range are the Playboy Ladies plaited leather strap charm watch. This watch comes in a various array of watches including, black, baby blue, red, green, and as always the playboy hot seller Pink. The watch is a simple leather strap with and oblong clock face, but is given a real funky look by the huge amount of charms embellished onto the leather strap. These charms include numerous silver playboy bunnies.

Playboy Bunnies are here to stay ! : Love selling branded Playboy clothes, and accessories.