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Matthew Kelly, My Favorite Author

Before we go any further let me explain that I am not making a dime in profit from this article. Yes, most of the articles I write I make money from, but this one is specifically because I am in awe by this author, Matthew Kelly.

Matthew Kelly is an author and a speaker. He has written books that can completely change your life, trust me I know. Books are fuel for our minds and when you feed your mind with good fuel you will get good results. Matthew Kelly will feed your mind with the best fuel you can find.

Matthew Kelly’s books speak to us, as human beings, and they explain to us the depths of our desires and how to achieve our major focuses in life. He talks about how to become a stronger person in all four aspects of life, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional.

It is important that we learn how to become happy in these areas. It is the only way to truly become the best version of ourselves, which should be our ultimate goal. Matthew Kelly will touch your life if you read one of his book or listen to him speak. I have listened to his words over and over and read his books over and over, and the transformation that I have experienced is incredible.

I see his words coming out in my writings, my conversations, and in my actions. Our society can use more people like Matthew and we could all learn a lesson or many lessons from Matthew. It is rare that such a dynamic speaker and writer comes along with such unselfish goals. Matthew Kelly is revitalizing the world one person at a time, and every time he speaks, writes, or just meets an individual there is a good chance that he will change their life for the better.

If you are interested in changing your life and becoming a better version of yourself, then check out all of Matthew Kelly’s books, tapes, cds, and dvds at the following website:

The Matthew Kelly Foundation