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Martin Luther King Video Of I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a national holiday celebrated in United States every year on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one of the three federal holidays to honor an individual person. Some more facts about Martin Luther King Jr. Day are that it took about 15 years to pass the bill to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Congressman from Michigan, John Conyers, a Democrat, put this legislation forward to commemorate this holiday after Martin Luther was assassinated in 1964. After the bill became held up, there were six million signatures submitted to Congress.

After these steps, there was increased pressure mounting on Congress to accept Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be celebrated as a national holiday. It was in 1983 that this was signed as a law by Ronald Regan and this day was commemorated on the third Monday in January. Martin Lutherís assassination has been a great loss to the nation, as he was an individual of honor, trust and great passion, who talked about the rights of the individuals living throughout the US. He has always stood by his beliefs and his dreams that one day every white boy and girl will join hands with black boy and girl as brothers and sisters.

Martin Luther King Jr. has given us a message of love and peace and it is he who has taught us a new version of how we should live together. This was his message for all the people living throughout the US and that there is no difference between black or white nor any other races, castes or creeds. We all respect this great leader who has tried to work throughout his life for the cause to bring us all together and it is we who are going to hold his hand and live his dream with him. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all.

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