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Kelly Brookes Sexy Slimdown Plan

Kelly Brook is an English presenter turned actress, model and occasional swim wear designer. She is one of the few designers that can actually pull of one of their own creations! Her fab figure got her the title of 'The Sexiest Female Figure in The World' according to the readers of Now magazine. Yes yes of course we found out how she does it!

What Does Kelly Brook Eat?

When asked about her eating habits Kelly said "Fortunately I like healthy food," she says, "I don't binge on junk and I cook proper homemade soups, vegetable dishes and lots of fish. "She isn't too worried about calorie consumption, she'll happily stop in for a Big Mac meal after work if she doesn't feel like cooking. That is what previous reports tell us...we do have insider information that Kelly Brook is now following a macrobiotic diet.

This means Kelly is only eating only organic, seasonal foods, and separating the edibles into 'Yin' and 'Yang' for the perfect dietary balance. "I'm a fan of macrobiotics because I love the idea of eating what's growing in your surroundings - seasonal, organic and whatnot. "(But) I really love cheeseburgers - that's my biggest weakness.".....Poor Kelly, it must suck to be rich and famous. Now excuse me while I enjoy this warm soft greasy cheeseburger....mmmmmm

How Does Kelly Brook Workout?

A workout regime that promises a body like Kelly Brooks must be super hardcore! So you think...Kelly Brook admits that her secret is "tons of sex".

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