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Kates Playground Videos Dream Of Kate

If you want to talk about an interesting pair, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fit the bill. Being that they are two college dropouts that are extremely wealthy, their need for an education was not worth the distractions culminated by a paparazzi that wouldn't let them learn. They also have a huge following of pre-teen fans that force their parents to throw their money into the loads of Mary Kate and Ashley merchandise that graces the shelves and clothing racks of such retailers as Wal-mart.

With their humble beginnings on the family sitcom 'Full House,' the Olsen twins started what would become a true empire. Last year alone, they bagged $40 million without having to act in a single movie, but it was due to the hoards of 8-12 year olds that told mom and dad that they absolutely had to have that Mary Kate and Ashley hairdryer as a part of their morning beauty routine for school.

No matter what the reason for the loads of merchandise heading out of the retailer's door, the adult twins continue to hold a mesmerizing power over these pre-teen kids. Even if Mary Kate and Ashley are wearing products that are not their own, these kids see this and they must have the same exact thing. That must be why when we scour the shopping malls in search of jeans and t-shirts, we see young Mary Kates and Ashleys everywhere talking about boys and sporting oversized sunglasses.

What is important is that these two talented young ladies have expressed their ideas, implemented them, and then made a fortune off of them. They do prove that it is possible to set a goal and meet it no matter how old you are. With this said, aside from various personal issues that have been made public in their lives, the Olsen twin empire should be an inspiration to young people everywhere that it is possible to be twenty years old and be worth $100 million.

Written by Frasier Johnson. Find the latest information on the rich and famous as well as famous celebrities