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Jr. I Have A Dream Video

The path to becoming a video game tester can be long and it can be massively annoying, but it can be all worth your effort.

5 blazing steps for your success as a video game tester

  • You should be trying out different video games through various beta tests. This is a great way to show companies who you are and what you can do. Volunteer for beta test games, play them, and try your best to find the bugs in the game. Then when you do, contact the server and tell them the problem or make a video about it on youtube. This is not only good publicity for you, but it's also good training.

  • Researching new and old companies is a vital part of your video game testing success. You should be looking up companies every week trying to find new companies that you think would hire you. Call them up and ask around. Don't be shy! If you're shy in this industry, you're not going to land the dream job you've always wanted. So get out there and start establishing connections.

  • Make your own blog, forums, or video and put them up so people can see that you're legit and that you know what you're talking about. In your blogs, forums, or videos, talk about the video games that you've played and talk about if there were any bugs that bothered you. Even if it's just a small bug that no one would care about, make it a big deal. If you can make a simple bug look like a big deal, companies are going to look at you and they are going to notice that you know what you're talking about and that you know what bugs can really do.

  • Dial in on your main console. Find out what console your a master at and look for companies that master in the same console. Don't go off looking for a console that you have no idea how to play or that you can't get into the flow of the console quickly. This vital step can either make or break your career as a video game tester and should be taken very seriously. Choose a console that you're comfortable, and when you've found it out, expand and find more consoles that you're also comfortable with.

  • Write down the company names and contacts that you've researched. This will give you a sort of handy dandy address book with a bunch of information on who to contact if you want to get hired, what console they major in, and how much they pay. You should then use this as a sort of guide to help you find out which job you think would be the best.
These steps are sure to get you to that dream job of becoming a video game tester. I promise!

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