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Josephs Technicolored Dream Coat Words To Music

Hi Sandra

I have read what Mary brought to you as she sought the Lord for you and the Lord put it on my heart to add something.

Joseph was just the youngest son of about ten brothers when he had a dream and made the mistake of telling them the dream.

He was sold into slavery.

But before he was sold into slavery he had, had the dream that would sustain him and he had worn the coat of many colours that his dad had made for him as he was the most favorite son of his father. Joseph knew he was the favourite son and he also knew that the coat was so vibrant and colourful that it meant that he was really special.

When he went to prison he had the memory of wearing that coat to keep him and he had a dream of his future to keep the spark of hope alive in his heart.

Many years passed but his hope for the future the prophetic promise of God his heavenly father and the fact that he was the one that wore the coat of many colours sustained him. He needed both.

Three years ago I went to heaven and Jesus took his coat off and gave it to me. He also put his crown on my head and put his signet ring on my finger.

I was in tears as I was a terrible sinner but Jesus was treating me like the prodigal son in the parable.

Later I met and spoke to the Father and the Father said something that healed my heart and gave me hope. The Father had me sit on his right side on Jesus' throne and just chatted to me. The Father was just this big ball of light on a throne.

After he had chatted to me and said the special line to me that healed me. Jesus sang me a love song in front of everyone in the throne room that I could see from my sat on the podium.

After that about fifteen people came up and stood before me one by one. As they stood in front of me a name would come into my head. My counselor that was asking me what I was seeing in my vision told me meeting this special saints was a way God was honoring me.

Abraham came and so did Moses. I forget the rest but for the last one. The last one that came and stood there stood there for a long time and waved to me. His name was Joseph.

My counselor asked me what colour was the robe Jesus gave me. I said white as I know Jesus has a white robe, but my counselor wasn't happy with that answer and told me to look down and look at the colour of my robe.

I looked down and tears began to well up in my eyes. The counselor asked me what colour it was and I said it was the coat of many colours.

When I came back from heaven I knew that my robe of righteousness was not white it was from that day on Josephs coat of many colours and it was personally given to me off the back of Jesus.

One day a famous evangelist from the streets of London came to my city and I met him. We became very close in the two weeks he was on our city streets preaching. I used to go down to see him most days and chat to him.

He is so influential on the streets of London that the queen requested him to come and speak to her. When they were behind closed doors she asked him about her wealth and whether she was doing enough for God as she feared her own salvation. My friend gave her a prophetic word of assurance and told her that as long as she didn't let her son rule England she was in Gods good books. He laughed and told her to live a long life and give the throne to Diana's oldest son. She told him that was already her plan and he was able to say that that was all God wanted from her and that God was happy with her rule.

Anyway I said this to show you that I was speaking to a very important man.

On the last day before he was to fly out of Sydney Australia he asked me to prophesy over him. I told him I couldn't that he was one of the most used men in London and I was just an ordinary prophet. He told me that Jesus told him that morning to ask me to prophesy over him when I saw him that day. Jesus told him that I would resist and to tell me that he had told him to request it.

So I took a breath and spoke in faith. I have the ability to bring Jesus down into my own body sometimes, well it feels like that and I can speak with Jesus voice for an hour. Well this time that happened and the prophecy went for well over ten minutes. The man I so respected and loved was weeping through half of it as the Lord told him that he would preach one day to stadiums full of people all over the world like BIlly Graham.

Anyway after that Jesus told me to give him my coat of many colours. I started to get tears in my eyes. I told the Lord that the coat was the only thing keeping me alive as a was very chronically depressed and having a real hard time of life like Joseph in prison.

I told the Lord Jesus my best friend I couldn't give me coat away. Jesus told me that this man needed the coat more then me to get where he was to go and if I really loved the man and Jesus I would obey his request.

I cried and told the man that I was going to take my coat of many colours off that I got in heaven and give it to him and then he knew why I was crying. I put it on him and stepped back and I could see it on him with my spiritual eyes.

I looked down and then to my joy and surprise I saw that I had my own coat of many colours on also. By faith I had just duplicated my coat.

Now this is all a long story as Jesus has told me to impart that coat for you.

Sandra reach out and put your new Josephs coat on. You are one of the most precious daughters of your Father God and he wants you to know you are one of his favourites.Your new coat still has the righteousness of Christ on it, but it is a coat of very huge anointing and just like Joseph was raised up so shall you be. Think of it often as you go about your day and on the sad days just know that your Father in heaven had me write this to you.

Mary in many months of prophesying I am sure has not seen me add to anything she had to say. I have never needed to. But even Mary in her second prophecy to me from the USA could see that I had a coat of many colours on like Joseph's she said. She didn't know I went to heaven and got it one day. So you now have the coat. You would do well to read Josephs life and get acquainted with his story.

The Lord loves you, in the coming weeks you should feel a more powerful anointing on you, if not tonight.

Just like Elisha got Elijah's mantle you now have a mantle similar to Joseph.

God bless you.

You are welcome to give me feedback or write to me just make sure you carbon copy a copy to Mary so she can read what you say as I have done to this so she can read it.

In the future when the Lord wills it and prompts you, you may also pass this coat onto another person, but the person would have to have a very huge future in God and a rough life as you pass it on.

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