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Jazz Sheet Music

Most jazz lovers or for that matter any music lover can never forget the name Louis Armstrong, or the famous 'Satchmo.' One of the most revered kinds of music styles in the world of jazz music is that of 'Mr. Satchmo.'

Jazz music originated in 1920?s and continues to be popular not just in the United Stated but also in the whole world. Jazz sheet music is basically a blend of old African American music, with a little bit of a classical touch. Jazz music is a very soothing experience to ardent music lovers, not just of jazz, but also of classical music.

Music scores contain all kinds of styles and rock and roll music sequences. African Americans developed jazz music in the beginning of the 20th century in the United States in New Orleans. It was because of stars like Louis Armstrong that Jazz music became so popular and has such a great fan following in the world today.

Jazz sheet is no ordinary sheet music like other classical music sheets. This music sheet has many kinds of accidentals, rests and prolonged chords and so on. Jazz music sheets are quite complex in nature, as there can be variations for semitone changes for higher or lower pitches. Jazz sheet music is a combination of major, chromatic and diatonic scales. This music can also accommodate accidental bass pitches if any, with vocal parts as well. Jazz sheet music has many parts, and can sometimes produce non-harmony and non-melody music. Thus, a musician is always advised to select the right kind of players, instruments and voice pitches to produce harmony.

Jazz sheet music is indeed quite complex and difficult to read but indeed it is quite interesting and very melodious to play and listen to. Its popularity is at par with country music.

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