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Is There Music In Your Life?

Music! What would our world be without it? Everywhere you go, there seems to be music. The grocery store, department store, restaurants, churches, funeral homes, schools...There seems to be music everywhere. Even walmart plays music. What do you think about music? Do you like it or do you wish it was non-existent? I love music. I even have some playing as I am writing. Music does alot of things for me.

I am a pianist, so naturally, music is a natural ability for me. I love all kinds of music. And when I hear something I am not familiar with, I sit down at my piano and figure out how to play it. For example, I went to concert at a church last night in the city. The couple that was singing are well known for their work with Bill Gaither Homecoming Series. They sang a song I had heard a million times before, but last night I really heard it. It got my attention. It spoke to me and made me feel like I wanted to shout to the world! I came home and searched my files for that particular music, but I couldn't find it. Then I began my internet search for the music. So far, I did find the song in a collection, but who wants to pay that big money for just one song! So I did what I always do. I sat down at my piano and played around on the keys until I figured out how to play it. Now I don't really know what I will do with the song, but maybe one day I will play it at church.

Back to music, I heard someone say that music is the fruit of love so we should play on. I often think about that phrase. Music can calm us down, make us think, make us cry, make us happy, make us sad, make us feel like dancing make us feel like doing many other things. Music takes me to the deepest part of my heart and soul and allows me to be who I really am. So, where would I be without music? It is hard to say, because music has always been an important part of my life. I hope I never have to be without music. And I hope that you will discover ways music can bring you closer to love,life or the pursuit of your dreams. May you enjoy the best music life has to offer.