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I Can Dream About You Dan Hartman Live Video

I had become so enamored with the track "Let Me Out" added to the playlist in late November, that after hearing it a few times I was prompted to search the city over for a copy of the CD Beta Male Fairytalesfrom which it came. No such luck here in little ole SE Texas. (I'm ordering from the Music Shop!) After a little research - which was all that was required as the UK band Ben's Brother is in its infancy. The aural poetry of "Let Me Out" belies the fact that Beta Male (released in late 2007) is the bands debut album.

Ben's Brother is so named after frontman/founder Jamie Hartman's older brother Ben, whose shadow Jamie grew up in. The title from the debut album was inspired by the fact that Jamie always saw himself as the beta male in the family.

Beta Male contains 13 tracks baring the complexities of life and love - all written by Hartman. The beautifully written lyrics are second only to Hartman's spectacular vocals, strongly influenced by Rod Stewart and Sam Cooke. Completing the aural poetry of Ben's Brother is Kris Houston (keyboards/guitar), Dan Mckinna (bass), Dave Hattee (drums) and Morgan Quaintance (guitar).

After scouring the net I was able to listen to all of the tracks from the Beta Male CD - standouts are "Let Me Out", "Carry On", "I Am Who I Am" and "Kiss Me Again". Now that I am a true fan, it will be interesting to see how the bands music matures as Hartman transcends into Alpha male status.

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