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Great Tips For Speech

Performing a great speech is a highly effective way to get your point across to your audience. For people who write speeches there are several factors to look into when trying to write the best speech. Speech writing can be difficult if you donīt have a plan to start with. When writing any speech, one needs to have a plan in mind before actually placing the words on paper.

The best thing to do when you are in the process of speech writing is to draw an outline of what you want to do. First write a one sentence summary of what the speech should be about. Next, think of your audience, and picture the type of response and reaction you want to get. After figuring out these two things, write down in your first paragraph why you chose your particular speech topic and how it relates to your listeners. When doing this you want to get across the benefit of why these people should be listening to you. After you get this part over with, you want to go into the body of the speech. In this section of your speech you want to explain the theme of the speech.. Donīt be one dimensional in this portion of the speech, try and come across in different angles and perspectives so not to discriminate against some of your audience. Explain your theme by using evidence to prove your arguments. The only way your speech can be effective is by showing proof of your argument. Lastly, your conclusion should be just as good as the body of your speech. Refer back to your introduction to write a powerful conclusion. In this section you want to try and leave your audience with something to think about after you are done.

So the next time you are speech writing for yourself or somebody else, follow these suggestions to write a powerful and effective speech worth listening to.

Written by Justine Renkart. Find the latest information on Speech Writing