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Getting Into (Or Back Into) The Music Biz

It's the dream of almost every adolescent to have their own rock band, create new sounds, reach success and everything else that all of this could bring. Screaming fans, respect, autographs, tours, luxury hotels, glamour etc...

So, on one of those sunny days, we wake up from this sweet dream and, without the notion that all this time has passed by so quickly, we're adults, living our "normal" lives, earning just enough bread to get by, doing what our parents always wanted us to do.

I know a doctor who still dreams of having a different life, a life that will excite him... once he confided in me that he would gladly exchange everything that he had built, if he could have the chance to go back to what he loved best, music (he was a guitarist in a heavy metal band).

Where do all these dreams hide?

Now you have your own company, or that job, which in societys' eyes is respectable, in a good company, and you decide not to let the old flame die. You decide to have a bit of fun and return to "waging a bet" in the music industry.

For you to be launched as a musician, or manager of a band, you will need abilities in business, purchasing, sales, market research, man management, delegation of tasks and be fashion conscious.

All these actions together make up marketing in the world of music.

For this project, just like in any other business, you will need to designate a quantity which you are prepared to invest. Treat music like any other commercial adventure in your life. Never as a profitable hobby.

A Budget and Business Plan (with a target public defined) are necessary, just as in a "conventional company". This way you will not fall into the trap of making emotional decisions, taking your attention away from your real objective.

Save your sentiments for your music.

Steve Allen is consultant and music producer.

Author of "Marketing Your Music - Success Strategies", "Personal Management in the Music Industry" and "Street Teams - Expand your Fan Base"