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Funny Videos- Why Funny Videos Are So Popular?

Funny videos- what are they?

Small video clips that evoke immediate laugher are becoming a rage on the Internet. People are creating and uploading their own humor. Everybody is downloading these videos. Why are funny videos such a rage? What is so attractive about them? is this a new internet success?

Funny videos- Today’s life and fun

Today life has become a big stress for all of us. Earlier it was only work related stress. Now family related stress is also overwhelming. The speed at which divorces are happening is causing unimaginable stress on all those who are involved- husband, wife and children. Add to that the ever-looming threat of terrorism in most of the countries and you can understand why all of us want to escape from the grim reality.

Funny videos- why are they most popular?

Fun always takes the pain away. Humor takes the mind away from pain. Remember- laughter is the best medicine. During a tough day, if a person watches a funny video, he/she forgets all the stress for the time being and has a hearty laugh. Share it with colleagues and you create a bond. Again escape from what is happening around us.

Funny videos- what about the cost?

Most of the funny videos are free. That combined with broadband in most of the places makes funny videos a different experience. Earlier it was plain jokes. Now you see videos with fun and laugh. that is the secret of success of funny videos. To watch some funny videos now, click here =>funny videos

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