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The craze of video on the internet has taken hold, allowing what used to be a for-tv-only media to be streamed straight to your computer. There has been a massive surge in the amount of video on the internet to the point where it has become almost unmanageable, and finding worthwhile videos almost impossible.

Free video blogs are a fantastic way to organise these videos in a sensible and logical way. Going to places like YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, DailyMotion, Metacafe, MySpace and GoEar for the videos is a good start for your search. Heading straight for the most popular videos might be a good way to save time finding good ones, but you might end up with more pop videos that you wanted. Even with the less popular videos the voting does indicate if it is really terrible or watchable.

But the question is, once you find these good videos, where are you going to put them?

Will they just sit in your bookmarks in your web browser, where no-one, probably not even yourself will ever look at them again? Will they just be forgotten? Will you add a long, ugly list of links on your blog which no-one will ever actually look at? Or will you go for the best option: free video blogs.

In essence, free video blogs allow you to insert these videos from the big name sites into your own blog, which might just be one of the many amateur blogs, where you can organize them into categories, add something of relevence to the video and allow others to comment on what they see. The videos appear right there on your site. They don need to click anywhere as the videos will appear right where you want them to, on your webpage, making your commentary stand out.

With free video blogs you don't actually have to worry about the upload and storage of the videos, which is all on the internet already, and served up by the big players on the Internet, you just take that what they have and put it together for all the world to see. is the best place for free video blogs. Create a free video blog right now, and you can be putting those videos together in less than 5 minutes. Registration is free and instant. Go to now and start blogging!