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My younger brother told me that he only wants one thing for Christmas. Well, one person to be exact. You see, he wants Kelly Clarkson, the first-year winner of the screamingly popular American Idol. My brother often tells me about the virtues of Kelly Clarkson and asked me to figure out a way to satisfy his one wish.

I have to admit that she has a lot of talent. My brother incessantly plays her songs and his favorites seem to be “Since U Been Gone” and “Before Your Love/A Moment Like This”. She sings them with a moderately skilled range. However, she appeals to a great number of listeners in a semi-sexy semi-cutesy fashion. She also has a clarity and familiarity of song lyrics that even I can appreciate.

I think that my younger brother is really serious with his wish of having Kelly Clarkson as a friend. He just wants to hang out with her, drink coffee, go on hikes and other do similar activities with her. To be honest, I can see them as hitting it off quite well in this respect. This is because Kelly is the kind of person who seems active, engaged, dynamic, and willing to go on those mountain treks.

Since my brother belongs to one of those MP3 download clubs, I can’t be cliché and give him Kelly Clarkson CDs. The next obvious thing that I can do is give him a Kelly Clarkson poster, or better, a life-sized Kelly Clarkson stand-up cardboard cutout.

I have also heard about stars who are accessible for such odd requests such as making a quick video greeting or phone message. However, Kelly will probably ignore my letters and requests because my brother doesn’t have any debilitating illness or disturbing brain damage. My brother also told me that a one-time private concert won’t do because he wants to hear her singing to him every day, while delighting in her laughs.

I also have obsessions of my own so I can understand my brother’s obsession. However, his rejection of the gardening tools, Anne Rice books, and pounds of chocolate as inferior gifts, along with his adamancy about getting Kelly Clarkson here in all their stead is simply driving me crazy!

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