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Dreams have a freedom factor that we rarely see in real life. Dreams allow us to do or to be almost anyone or anything we’d like to be.

Dreams allow us the greatest expression of self without judgment or criticism.

Dreams allow us to “become”.

Could it be that our dreams are trying to tell us something?

You have probably heard the statement, “Believe in Yourself!”. You probably would not believe how much you really do believe in yourself!

Consciously, we are of aware of our own self-apparent short comings. It just seems to be a part of the human programming. But our dreams, our subconscious expression of our deepest hopes and desires, tells us we can “become” more than we are now. More than we have been before. Our dreams tell us that greatness is not born in us, but indeed, is thrust upon us.

And we can rise to meet the challenge!

Each of us must search and find our own unique purposes in life. Our dreams can help us along the way.

Ponder what you want in life. What you want to be. What you want to do. Then pay attention to dreams that suddenly make sense as they never have done before.

Write down what you discover. List the impressions you are given. Allow the free flow of the thoughts in your mind to help guide you in your decisions. Dreams can be a powerful force of direction for good.

Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at