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Dreams Music Lyrics

Great music and meaningful lyrics can be a powerful influence in our lives.There’s nothing quite like listening to good music and by default that more often than not means good and meaningful lyrics.

Listening to the radio or even watching television these days, means we can hear all those favourite songs that mean so much to us and the ones we love.How often have you heard a tune and been transported back in your mind to some event or time, be it happy or sad that means so much to you, yes music and certain tunes can be like a timestamp in our years of life.

Although we all think of the big stars of songs and music even the sound of one time only musical favourites can bring a breath of fresh air into our lives and hearten our very souls.

Even some of those one hit wonders can be wonderful listening.

I have always loved all types of music although I really did have a passion for the Tamla Motown songs of the sixties, there was nothing quite like collecting the 45-rpm vinyl and I still proudly own most of my former hugh collection to this very day.

Not only did they have a fantastic musical beat but they also had memorable and meaningful lyrics, which still send a shiver down my spine with joy listening to them even now, some forty years on after they were produced.

The ideal way today of remembering those fantastic lyrics is to use the power of the internet to find a lyrics database site and relive some of those golden moments by searching for your favourite artist or song and voila.

Ebay can also be a great way to find some of those golden oldies which you may have lost or never been able to buy, Ebay has a tremendous musical section with all types of records and cd’s for sale stretching across all the different genre’s of music.

What ever your taste in music, should it be r&b, reggie, soul, rock, jazz, pop or just middle of the road, you will be sure to find a selection available there.

Yes, life may keep ticking by but one thing for sure if you have a love for music and good lyrics then this is one form of entertainment that will always be here to give us joy, pleasure and yes sometimes even a little reminiscing for the days of yesteryear.

Copyright 2007 Terry Till

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