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Dream Words And Music

How much power can a dozen two-letter words have in your life? What will a bonus three-letter word do to fulfill your God-given dream?

Consider the impact thirteen words (i.e., a Baker's Dozen) can have on your life.

First, think about how ten two-letter words can help you achieve focus and take responsibility:

“If it is to be it is up to me!”
Then, consider that you will need another powerful two-letter word to navigate around other people’s agendas (OPAs):
And, you must have yet another strong two-letter word to serve as your shield should someone try to shame you into following an OPA:
Now, armed with a dozen two-letter words, you’re ready for the next level: a commanding three-letter word to propel you toward the dream God placed in your heart:

If you place this Baker's Dozen in your heart, you will be equipped to align your thoughts, speech, and actions. Will you ever need more words? Sometimes, but consistently used, these thirteen words will serve as the foundation. Then, your additional words will have a solid platform upon which to build what you think, speak and act on.

Now, fully armed, equipped, and prepared, who can stop you from fulfilling the dream God placed in your heart?

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