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Dream Theatre Music

The word 'Theatre' is the act of performing stories in front of a viewing audience using combinations of things, such as speech, music and dance. Theatre as we know it, takes on many forms such as opera, plays and pantomime.

When one wishes to see a performance at the theatre, we have to purchase theatre tickets. Here are some buying tips to bear in mind: -

1) Check the face value of the theatre ticket. If you are purchasing this ticket in person, ask to view it first.

2) Check that your chosen seat does not have any restrictions from a viewing perspective. If in doubt ask to see the theatre seating plan.

3) If you are purchasing tickets from a theatre ticket agency, ensure that they are a member of 'STAR' (The Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers).

4) If you go to buy tickets from a ticket agency in person, check the form before signing for it. Every ticket should show the value of the ticket and where you are supposed to be seated.

5) When buying tickets over the phone or on the internet, ask if you can collect your tickets before the theatre performance.

6) Theatre ticket agents invariably charge a booking fee. This will usually be no more than a quarter of the indicated face value of the theatre tickets.

7) Discount tickets for a lot of shows are available from the theatre ticket booth.

8) A lot of theatres now sell tickets on the internet. However, please note that a larger range of tickets are often available from the box office.

9) If you or someone attending a theatre performance is disabled, always check with the the theatre about disabled access before you make a booking.

10) Don't buy tickets from 'ticket touts'. They can often be found on the street trying to sell tickets.

Article by Richard Cooper of ( The Theatre Ticket Buying Information Resource )