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Dream Theater Forsaken Music Video

Nothing beats having a killer home theater system. Big screen TV with high-definition, surround sound where I can plug in my iPod Nano, the latest DVD technology, video on demand, an Xbox 360, a hookup for my digital camcorder - the list goes on and on. Man, Iíd love to have an awesome home theater inside my house. Iíd never go outside if I did! And thereís just some much stuff to choose from when it comes to building your own home theater. Seating, systems, design, brand names, video games; I could easily spend thousands of dollars creating my dream home theater system. Of course, I donít have thousands of dollars to spend, but I can still dream about it!

My perfect home theater system would be completely wireless. No cables or cords whatsoever. And it isnít as far fetched as it sounds. More and more home theater systems are being built and designed to be wireless. That doesnít just include the home theater itself. That includes other aspects of the home theater like video games, PVRs, DVD players, video cameras and more. Pretty soon, the home theater cable connection wonít even have a cable to connect! Now how awesome is that?

Iíd have a big screen HDTV with crystal clear surround sound that would blow my mind. And when I got my home theater installed, up and running, I would plop myself on the couch with a seven-pound bag of popcorn and watch anything and everything that I can. Hey, thatís the point of having a great home theater sound system, to watch stuff! The images would be clear, the sound immaculate and it would all work with only one remote control. Now thatís a great home theater!

Of course, I would have an Xbox 360 or Playstation hooked up to this bad-boy. High-definition games played on a massive, high-def screen? Iíd have every video game humanly possible and would completely immerse myself playing them!

A home theater allows you to experience TV rather than just sit and watch it. Imagine watching a hockey game where a hard body check on the boards rattles your bones too. Or watching war movie thinking youíre going to be shot at. Or watching your home-movies on such a screen that it makes you feel like youíre at the event all over again! Or playing the hottest and coolest Xbox or Playstation games! With your own home theater, seating is always at a premium and itís an experience like no other. And when you want to listen to music, just hook up your stereo system to your home theater. Imagine listening to Dark Side of the Moon on high-definition, high fidelity surround sound speakers? Any music fan will tell you that it would be the ultimate audio experience, and a home theater allows you to enjoy just that!

In the early 1990s, people decided to cocoon, or stay home rather than go out. Not so far after, home theaters got more and more complicated and detailed. Home theaters used to be exclusively for the super-rich, and their home theaters are actually movie theaters right at home, with home theater seating and everything. But with some careful saving and research, anyone can have a great home theater to fit their budget, lifestyle and space. As for me, one day Iíll have an awesome home theater of my own, with a huge TV, amazing sound Ė all wireless of course! Until then, Iíll just keep on dreaming about it!

Music, games, movies, TV - if it's digital, then Jeff Saunders is into it. Jeff's dream is to find the best electronic deals out there and turn his home into a complete multimedia center!

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