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Dream Theater Drum & Bass Solo Video Codes

A drum solo is an individual's creative expression when playing the drum kit. It is theability to create a percussive piece that adds depth to a song and to showcase one's talent. Many famous drummers such as Billy Cobham, Neil Pert, Elvin Jones, and Jon Bonham have highlighted their expertise by performing incredible pieces. Great solos can be performed by anyone as long as there is room for imagination.

Let's begin with the first step

The first step in developing a solo, an important ingredient that would need to be addressed, is the proper execution of rudiments. Are your single strokes, doubles,paradiddles, rolls, flams, and so on, played well? You will want to execute thesesmoothly and with precision. It will present the difference of being a beginner orprofessional drummer.

The next important step

Depending on the type of music, begin your solo to match the flow of the music. You might not want to perform a hard and fast solo to slow, smooth, easy listeningjazz nor drum softly to hard, power-driven metal. Make your solo tasteful. Let it make a statement and signature of what you are creating. Utilize all theinstruments of your drum set such as your snare drum, bass drum, toms, cymbalsand other instruments that accompany the drum set.

The final step in developing a solo

The last key ingredients in developing a solo is to relax and enjoy being creative. Being relaxed is very important when playing the drum set and even more when performing a solo. Before playing the drums make sure that you had time towarm up. It is crucial to warm up to relax all the muscles in the body. Whenthe muscles are tense it can be difficult to maintain steady grooves and solos. The best part of doing a solo is that you can be very creative.

This is your spotlight where you can command everyone's attention. Makesure there is a purpose for each stroke of the drum stick. Your drum set will not play by itself, you are the creator, make some noise. It is not necessary to create a masterpiece performing a solo. By keeping the solo precise and to the point, your creation can be of any length given the flow of the performance. Now is the time to take your listeners on a percussive journey that they will never forget.

About the author:

Thaddeus W. Johnson is a writer, professional drummer and drum teacher whoenjoys providing tips and valuable information for online shoppers of the best drum sets such as the Gretsch drum set. Also, for further interest are related products and topics such as woods for drum sets.

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