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Dream State Circus Video

Circus show rings go back a long way down the lanes of entertainment industry. Earlier the circus organizers used to build temporary wooden spaces for their performances as they travelled from city to city. They thus, naturally had to bear restricted mobility of their act until the 19th century when canvas tents finally made their way into the psychedelic and colourful world of the circus. They could now perform in more cities and on a much larger scale. Today, we even have the three ring circuses that allow the spectators to watch three different acts simultaneously.

Some shows use more than one tent. The smaller tents are of the push pole kind and can be installed easily while the larger ones require professional skill in their set up and typically use bale rings for the purpose. Circus tents are available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes, the most common size being 44m by 44m. There are Hippodrome tents, one ring and three ring or permanent and temporary tents. Tents serve the purpose of large space coverage while at the same time add to the ambience and pomp. Often circus tents have a seating system with a given capacity, extendable sections, ventilation systems, and a few other requisite modifications and added frills.

A circus may buy its own big top, or may opt for a rented tent. Very often, event organizing firms may rent out the tent as well. Even though, as of the day, many circuses are moving indoors, a large slice of the travelling circuses still exhibit the colors of frolic and breathtaking acts right under the big top. Today, most circus tents are available with built-in facilities and comforts, designed to cater to as large a spectator group as the circus can hold enchanted.

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