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Dream Kelly Video

It's not enough to realize you need to keep your marketing on the cutting edge by incorporating web site video. Like all endeavors from putting a man on the moon to baking a cake, there is a definite formula to follow for success, and here it is.

Be sure your video starts instantly --even for dial up:
Most web surfers, when faced with the candy store that is the internet, revert to childhood and adopt the attention span of a Guppy. Consequently, unless your video snaps open the instant the page appears, you'll deny yourself the awesome marketing bonanza of web site video.

Ten seconds to live or die:
Even if your video is faster than your visitor's finger, don't get complacent. Make the opening of your video really snappy by getting straight to your key message. Don't waste precious seconds saying who you are and where you come from, because this can be better handled by an overlay that flashes your name and your company logo on the screen, whilst you are getting your verbal message across.

Always remember people buy with their emotions, so don't overlook the subtle, but effective impact video music can have on them. But do bear in mind many people view your web sites illicitly -- whilst in the workplace -- so no sudden ear-splitting effects. Unemployed people don't make loyal customers.

If you have a section of narrative, give some thought to the background. A plain background is fine for a how-to-do video, but in a sales video, you should think carefully of a background that will enhance the feeling you are trying to convey. So, if you were selling toothpaste, you would convey the feeling of a clean, fresh mouth with a view of snow-capped mountains.

And, if you've no time to trek to Aspen or St Moritz, simply use a chromakey effect with a photo from a royalty free collection.

Study video marketing:
One of the traits separating successful people from the also rans is the thirst successful people have for new knowledge. So never, stop learning about video marketing. The ideal time is when you are relaxing in front of the TV, because you can study the world's best practitioners of video advertising simply by watching the commercial breaks.

See how they get right to the message, with great economy of words. Time the duration of the ads and think what you would have done differently in that timeframe. I promise you, before long, you will see patterns emerge which will give you a viable template you can use for your own web site video, confident you are modeling on the best.

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