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Dream Girls Free Videos

Modern talking videos are on the rise. We enjoy them on You Tube and others as they continue to spring forth with wonderful creativity.

I came across a YouTube yesterday that really made my heart smile. It is of two little girls doing their first ballet performance. Apparently one of the little girls costume began to unravel. The two little girls adorned in pink tutu's and pink tights, oh so cute, had to contend with a long string that continued to unwind as they tried to stay in step with their performance.

I recently wrote about and posted a contrasting article about a video called, "Utube, Youtube, Thank You for the Inspiration That Motivates Creativity In So Many". The video is of the Chinese Ballet Circus pas de deux troupe du Guangdong. It is a complete contrast to the little movie clip I write about now.

By viewing both You Tubes It reminded me that 'everything' for 'every single person' has a 'beginning'.

See yourself in this little YouTube... just beginning and realizing flight, coming across obstacles but continuing on with the dance none the less.

I do and you do too. Soo be gentle with yourself as you learn new things, enjoy the process.

Once you do master something? Keep it in your heart and memory, those baby step to get to where you are.

Be patient with those who ask questions of you who are trying to learn what you have already mastered.

Stay humble and be generous with your knowledge, it can only make for a better world.

We are so lucky to have available to us little reminders, modern talking videos that let us have a glimpse of two little girls in pink tutus who are just beginning to learn the dance of ballet and life.

Very dear this adventure of life.



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