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Dream 5 Video

Suppose you could receive today's hottest video games freeof charge? Suppose you could be paid up to $80 per hour toplay those video games? This is the life of a video gametester.

Video game testers are in demand due to massive growth inthe gaming industry. Individuals are receiving hundreds ofdollars per assignment to simply play and share theirthoughts on the latest video games to hit the market.Anyone can land a job as video game tester. The onlyrequirement is that you own a video game system to test thegames. Here is a three step system for cashing in on a jobas a video game tester.

1. Find a Video Game Tester Job

Finding a video game tester job can be a difficult process.Unless you're connected to someone in the video gameindustry, you'll be hard pressed to locate a company tohire you has a video game tester. Your best shot at landinga game testing job is getting help from someone connectedto the industry. Once you're in, you must make sure youcontinue to complete each assignment given to you. If youfail to complete each job, you'll soon lose your dream job.

2. Check Your Mailbox

After being hired as a video game tester, you'll soon beginto receive assignments via mail. The package will include avideo game and an assignment sheet for you to fill out andreturn after your job has been completed. The company willalso inform you of your hourly pay. Be sure to thoroughlyread the assignment sheet before playing the game. You'llwant to make sure you understand the goal of your assignmentbefore you start. Typically, the assignment will ask youto find glitches and how the game play was for single/multiplayer gaming. Once you've finished playing, fill outyour assignment sheet and return it to the gaming company.

3. Cash Your Check

Getting paid for gaming is one of the most exciting aspectsof being a video game tester. After you complete each videogame testing job, you'll receive your check in the mail.Each check will arrive approximately two weeks aftercompleting each job given to you. Plus, you'll also bekeeping the free video game you received for the job.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how tobecome a video game tester. It is an exciting job and thepay is excellent. Good luck on your quest to land your jobin video game testing and don't forget to enjoy the ride!

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