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Country Music Lyrics

Developed as an amalgamation of various musical forms, country music has a huge fan following across the globe. Country music enthusiasts are divided loosely into two sects. The first contains those people who listen to this melodious form for entertainment. The second and the more serious are those who follow country music as a form of art.

Country music lyrics have played a huge part in bringing the music to its present successful stage. The simple and flowing words of country music describe the day-to-day lives of the average American. Not every body identifies with Brad Pitt or Madonna, but you can empathize with the simple characters described in country music. An average working class American citizen relates to the beautiful depiction of relationships, touching loneliness or poverty.

Earlier commercial forms of country music copied ballad or folk music. The lyrics depicted the lives of Americans in earlier days, using a fiddler to deliver the message. A good example of this was fiddling John Carsonís 1924 hit "Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane."

Country music lyrics beautifully portrayed the romantic version of a vast span of lonesome prairies. People loved the image of a singing cowboy galloping on a steed singing and working hard on a sunny day. Singers like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers boosted the image of country music tremendously by including beautiful lyrics in their songs.

The lyrics in country music are often repeated as a catchy melodious phrase by a chorus, and composers usually write tunes that are 150 words or less.

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