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Here are three components that you should include on your artist - band website. These tips are designed keeping music writers in mind (they need access to your their information quickly, and very easily because they are constantly under deadline.)

1. Your Music – album or live tracks
You are a band / musician after all, and nothing speaks for you louder than your music. Make sure you have some music available at your website either streamable or downloadable. You should also strongly consider giving away a free track or two in downloadable MP3 format so people can enjoy you on their ipods.

2. Biography and a short sentence about your sound
Bio - Make sure you have a short succinct bio that can be easily located on your site, (in addition to the long form one, the blogs and all of the opinions from each band member – which are fun for your fans but not for music writers who will be looking to get quick information. Make sure this bio is easily cut and paste able so writers can drop it into a preview or a column. Do not make the bio fancy or in flash - make it easy to cut and paste by a writer or the writer will not be able to use your bio.

Short Sentence that describes your sound perfectly – Also ALWAYS include a short summary (like less than 6 words) that sums up your sound for calendar editors.

3. Photos – make them easy to find, click on and download
Thumbnails are great for quick and easy loading but you should always have a few downloadable photos on your site (both in color and black and white) in at least 300 dpi – Create a link that says "click here for a hi res jpeg" that way photo editors can get to them easily – and remember to change your photos a few times a year – so if you play repeat markets you can give the media multiple choices to cover you.

I hope these critical tips help.

Ariel Hyatt founded Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR 11 years ago and her firm has worked with over 1,000 musicians and bands of all genres. The Ariel Publicity mission states that all artists deserve to be heard and there is a place for artists of every level to receive exposure. Ariel Hyatt has managed to place tens of thousands of artists in countless outlets from national magazines and TV to the most grassroots online fanzines. Her company is now 100% digital and helps artists increase their online exposure. She also runs a company that creates newsletters for musicians.

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