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[Angelina’s Diary AD 1201] It was found two year after Angelina killed her three rapists, there in the deep part of the well, where she had thrust one of the deadly knights deep into (see the first story of Angelina for clarification); the body now harbors a ghost, a ghoul like being circling around Glastonbury. Oh, there had been rumors of many ghosts in the past, but this one was different, he was from Angelina’s past. What did this ghost want? No one knew, but he wanted something.

End of the story: He wants Angelina to bring his body back up from the well, the ghost told her so.

“It is stuck their, and no way to be buried as a Great Knight,” says the Ghost on behalf of the knight.

Angelina unsure of what the ghost is talking about, the Ghost has helped her find her diary, and she now reads her diary, she had misplaced hid it in fear she’d not be able to endure what she had done in the conscious; and finds out he, the Knight she had killed and cast into the well, was one of the three rapist that raped her.

She was going to go down in that well and save him, and bring that body up, when the town folks said they saw a body down there, but now she goes to the chemical maker, and buys a jug of acid (in spite of the ghouls requests), and as she climbs down the well, by way of a rope ladder, she pours the acid onto the body in the well, but first has to talk to the old knight, she is having some recollections, reflections, and they are not good, and she again starts to block them out, and climbs down into the will with a rope deeper dragging the body with no hands and feet with her, her wolf (the very same one that helped her kill the second knight, is waiting above the well, the body was stuck in the corner of the well, and she puts the jug, that looks like ale, tucked around his arms, opens the spout, and out pours the acid, his eyes open up, and the ghost leaves the body screaming, thus his abode is diminishing as the acid eats through the flesh and bone, until there are only clots of blood circling in the well.

Note: Written in 1/2006, St. Paul, Minnesota, a one-chapter story. The Chapter was written as a concluding story I do believe, but it seems to have gained a life of its own, for we do have Part IV to the story, written 7/22/2006. This chapter story has been unpublished. All of Angelina’s stories are under copywriter with the author. 2006

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