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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Music Lyrics

Choosing appropriate lyrics for the wedding ceremony can be fun because of the amazing variety of songs available. Therefore choosing wedding music that is personal and important to them is starting to affect the way that churches hold weddings. Also, more churches are allowing personalized music selections to appease the new generation of wedding planners.

Even though the wedding music is a personal expression of the couple it is usually the bride that chooses her own music that she will march down the aisle to. This is usually a very personal choice and in some cases I have seen the bride choose wedding music that is a tribute to her father who is the one that walks her down the aisle. It does a heart good to know that kids want to take a part of their special day and dedicate it to their parents. It gives hope for the future.

Beside that, the couple might want to play one of several songs that have a time-honored tradition as wedding music. Lyrics to these songs often refer to the couple's love for each other or their new life together.

Some couples choose wedding music with lyrics that are meaningful because of their relationship - lyrics that relate to where or how they met, how they became engaged etc. Other couples want to use traditional wedding music, with lyrics that reflect the couple's commitment and new beginnings together.

There is no doubt that wedding music is rapidly becoming an expression of the bride and groom as well. The more story on wedding.

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